Solving greater-Boston’s housing crisis requires more than building new units.

In order to effectively improve the future of housing for greater Boston and beyond, we are focused on influencing policy and creating awareness through public outreach.

  • Elder housing needs to be a priority given the scope of the problem
  • Where and how the elderly will live is as critical to our communities as is affordable healthcare
  • The elderly need an affordable place to live in order to thrive
  • Safe housing is a critical component of the healthcare outcomes equation

We are committed to continuing to advocate for essential resources for the aging population in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

  • Rogerson works with the Boston Commission on the Affairs of the Elderly; Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development; and other governmental and private entities
  • Members of our board and staff are actively engaged in raising awareness, education, and advocacy
  • By speaking at industry events; sponsoring symposia; testifying in front of local government officials; publishing the Leadership Log; positioning our president and senior staff as industry experts that the media can call on; and public art exhibitions
  • Our successes include:
    • Our innovative service coordinator model is the gold standard in the industry
    • Our pet policy is the industry standard
    • Advocating for and achieving increased reimbursement for adult day health programming and the requirement of licensure at the state level

To learn more about Rogerson’s Leadership and Advocacy work,   ramos@rogerson.org

Leadership Log