Rogerson is Shaping the Future of Healthcare and Aging in Community

Rogerson underwent a strategic planning process a few years ago and recommitted to the long-standing tradition of providing supportive health services for elders. Darcey Adams joined Rogerson in 2016 as the Vice President of Health Services, and brings tremendous experience to Rogerson’s outstanding leadership team. In just a short time, Adams partnered with Hebrew Senior Life to implement the Mi-Wish research project at two of Rogerson’s housing sites. The researchers will implement the second phase of this multi-year project and will provide wellness programs and gather data over a twelve month period. Additionally, she is relaunching a partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Senior Homecare to implement wellness programs at Beacon House which will include education and support from a team of registered nurses and clinical social workers. This program, Connecting for Wellness, will also include a research component and will be exploring the impact of providing medical and behavioral health services at housing sites and the impact on overall health outcomes including emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Under Darcey Adams’ leadership, Rogerson’s adult day health programs have increased census to capacity and achieved licensing from the Department of Public Health through deficiency free audits of the programs. Rogerson is also gearing up to participate in a LeadingAge Healthcare and Housing Pilot that will be a very innovative program and model for caring for elders in housing on a national level. As the President emeritus of MADSA (Massachusetts Adult Day Services Association) Adams has been a major advocate for successfully bringing ADH to the attention of State funders and shaping the critical dialogue about the need for these essential services provided by Rogerson and providers across the state.