Rogerson Commits Critical Resources to Preserving Daggett-Crandall-Newcomb Home

Rogerson has committed its expertise and management resources to Daggett-Crandall-Newcomb Home, a 28-bed residential care facility in Norton, Massachusetts. This facility in the southeastern suburbs has long been an essential resource to the community but, in recent years, has been in increasing danger of closing its doors. Rogerson has stepped in and is providing the essential support needed to place them strongly back on their feet and best able to serve those in need of their services.

Laurie Trilling, Rogerson’s Chief Operating Officer, shares that “Residential care, the kind of care offered at DCN Home, is a unique option in senior living. It is a perfect choice to consider for someone needing assistance with day-to-day living and management of chronic medical conditions that many elders experience. Unlike traditional assisted living, residential care communities offer enhanced nursing services allowing residents to remain in their community for as long as possible.” Trilling adds, “There are not enough of these kinds of critical resources in the neighborhoods where seniors hope to continue to live. In our mission to support elders aging in community, we are proud to be able to commit resources and staff to restoring this property and its services and securing them as a sustainable and long-term partner .”