Property development takes experience. Our track record speaks for itself – with nearly 160 years of experience, we know what challenges lay ahead and how to overcome them.

Rogerson Communities has been unlocking the real property potential of non-profits since 1978. We work with local communities to develop new housing and mixed use properties, re-purpose existing buildings, reclaim abandoned properties, and put together financing packages to bring these projects to fruition.

We are supported by and regularly collaborate with a deep network of construction and management professionals. Whether you need help breaking ground or brainstorming ways to overcome a particular challenge, we can help.

Development Services

Rogerson Communities is known for its fiscal responsibility and prudent deployment of resources. Over the past 40 years, Rogerson Communities has successfully re-purposed eight historic Boston buildings into affordable housing. We develop our properties with sensitivity to historic preservation guidelines as well as neighborhood aesthetics so that they blend seamlessly with the area in which they are located.

Our full list of development services includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Local and regulatory approvals
  • New construction
  • Moderate, substantial and historic rehabilitation
  • Refinancing and recapitalization
  • Operations and marketing turnaround
  • Marketing materials development and production
  • Public relations
  • Fundraising

“We selected Rogerson to help us realize our vision. They performed beyond expectation and today we have a thriving new residential community that will sustain us for years to come.”

What We Can Do For You

Rogerson Communities has helped non-profit and charitable organizations to expand their vision, focus their energy, and leverage their resources to create innovative programs and services often while exceeding their most ambitious initial aspirations.

With help from Rogerson Communities, you will:

  • Navigate the maze of regulations and approvals
  • Manage risk and control expense
  • Realize development goals
  • Improve operating results
  • Enhance long-term sustainability
  • Improve resident and client satisfaction

“It was a privilege to have worked with Rogerson Communities to bring this project to fruition. The end product is something the entire community can be proud of and I am pleased to be welcoming each tenant into their new home.”


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