Foundation Giving

The generous contributions of private and family foundations enable Rogerson to provide the highest quality affordable housing and supportive services for all those whom we serve.

Foundation grants assure Rogerson’s capacity to deliver tailored health and social services for each elder who attends our adult day health programs. Without such support, Rogerson would be unable to offer special programs such as music therapy and creative writing that are so critical to participants’ overall well-being and quality of life.

Foundation grants are the life blood of Rogerson Fitness First and other special projects.

Grants from foundations also support Rogerson’s mission of creating and maintaining affordable housing so that elders, people with disabilities, and others can continue to live with dignity in the community.

Rogerson is grateful to our supporters for their generous contributions.

For more information, please contact Jenny Andrews, Director of Foundation Relations,

To view Rogerson’s 2015 Annual Report, click here.