Rogerson Communities has been providing housing and health care for elders and low-income individuals and families since it was founded in 1860.

Today, we serve over 2,000 Greater Boston families through 30 facilities and programs — providing greater independence and longevity to a diversity of individuals.

Our mission is to alleviate greater Boston’s housing crisis by raising public awareness, influencing housing policy, building properties to meet the accelerating need, and partnering with other nonprofit entities to develop and implement effective housing strategies.

Learn more about our four service areas:

  • Rogerson Communities: We provide housing, adult day health programs, fitness training, and memory loss care and treatment.
  • Rogerson Management: We manage a diverse portfolio of properties, including income eligible housing, retirement communities, and other residential and business properties.
  • Rogerson Development: We work with local communities to develop new housing and mixed use properties, re-purpose existing buildings, and reclaim abandoned properties.
  • Rogerson Leadership: We are committed to leading the way to solutions to the elder housing problem and increasing need for supportive health services in Greater Boston and beyond.


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