Adult Day Health Programs

Rogerson Communities Adult Day Health Programs offer adults and elders a safe, secure and caring environment where they receive needed nursing, social, physical, nutritional, and recreational services designed to promote health and well-being.

Participants relax in warm surroundings, sharing the day with old and new friends, and participate in a wide range of fun and therapeutic activities before returning home. Families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and properly cared for during the day.

Adult Day Health Programs

Rogerson Roslindale + Rogerson Egleston

Our adult day health programs in Roslindale and Roxbury offer elders access to health care, exercise, social and therapeutic activities, outings, and nutritious meals. These programs each offer a state-of-the-art Rogerson Fitness First program, and are designed to keep people healthy, active and engaged in their communities. Learn more about Rogerson Roslindale and Rogerson Egleston.

All of Rogerson’s Adult Day Health Programs offer:

  • Coordination of care planning with family, physicians, and other service providers
  • Discreet and respectful personal care assistance
  • Medical and social service advocacy and support
  • Ongoing observation and assessment of participants’ medical, behavioral and cognitive function
  • Medication administration, injections, and other treatments prescribed by a physician
  • Monitoring of blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, oxygen level, memory loss status and nutritional intake
  • On-site podiatrist, counseling, therapy assessment and case management

Rogerson fitness first

Click here to learn more about Rogerson Fitness First, available to participants in Rogerson’s Adult Day Health and Memory Support Programs.

To visit one of Rogerson’s Adult Day Health Programs or to get more information, or call 617-469-5829.