Fitness First Profile

Shirley is a 79 year old participant in the Rogerson Dementia Day Program. She came to the program at the recommendation of her doctor to better support her health, medication compliance, and to alleviate anxiety and agitation caused by her memory loss. Shirley takes daily medication for her blood pressure, cholesterol and anxiety.

Shirley, originally from South Carolina, came to Boston as a young woman. She raised her children in the Boston area and now lives with her daughter who is her primary caregiver. Her daughter works full time as does her son and prior to coming to Rogerson she was alone during the day until it became a concern due to her memory loss.

“I know I had a lot of agitation when I was home during the day which affected my health.  My kids always worried and checked on me and I kept telling them that I raised them myself and I’m a strong independent woman,” Shirley proudly shares.  She adds, “I love it here, I am able to spend the day with nice people and I feel like they count on me to help them so I keep coming back.”

In addition to health monitoring and nursing supervision, Shirley benefits from exercising in Fitness First each day, overseen by Rogerson’s trained fitness specialist. She also encourages others in the program to join her. She is a great advocate for the importance of exercise and shows genuine concern for her peers in the program, always looking out for them and cheering them on.

Shirley’s health also benefits from reduced anxiety made possible through therapeutic services.  She’s notably supported by music therapy. ”Nothing calms my nerves like music.  I can’t help it and I’m always singing along and dancing in my seat.  I remember so many songs from before and they all make me feel better.  I love that I can sing here and listen to music,” Shirley says.