Rogerson Honored Secretary John F. Kerry at Welcome Home 2017

Rogerson’s 2017 Welcome Home Gala proudly honored Secretary John F. Kerry with the Charles E. Rogerson Award. Secretary Kerry exemplifies a lifetime of personal and professional commitment to service of his community — globally, nationally, and locally. A Boston resident, Secretary Kerry was surrounded by many great friends and family as he came home for this important night.

Dr. Gary Kearney, a Rogerson Board member and longtime friend of Secretary Kerry, was among the outstanding co-chairs of this great event. “All of the many years I’ve known the Secretary, and watched his career grow to serve more and more people, I have never seen him stray from his utter commitment to the cause at hand and his passion for helping his fellows,” said Dr. Kearney of Rogerson’s honoree.

“Rogerson has a legacy of serving the local community that extends back nearly 160 years, while at the same time responding with innovation to an ever changing modern market. In much the same way as Rogerson has extended a local commitment into a national model of excellence, Secretary Kerry has built a legacy of professional service from his Boston home to virtually every community on the globe,” adds John Hall, Rogerson Board member, Welcome Home co-chair, and friend of the Secretary.

Jamie Seagle, President of Rogerson, was excited to honor the Secretary, “As someone who has committed 45 years of my career to securing the wellbeing of elders, I have the utmost respect for the legacy and the man we selected to receive this year’s award at Welcome Home on May 15.”