Community Profile: Henry J.

Henry, originally from Louisiana, has lived in Boston since 1958 where he worked for nearly three decades as a union laborer. Four years ago Henry suffered a debilitating stroke which left his entire right side paralyzed. Bound to his wheelchair, and no family in the area to support his need for medical attention and follow up, Henry was afraid he would end up in a nursing home.

At the urging of a friend, Henry came to the Rogerson Roslindale Adult Day Health Program, where he immediately began to receive medical screening for his heart condition, diabetes, and general health. A staff of RNs and LPNs manage Henry’s health to prevent escalation of illness, monitor his compliance with medications, and work with external PCPs and medical specialists to coordinate his complex care. Many external supports are provided onsite, such as regularly visiting podiatry, occupational and physical therapy, and radiology services utilizing mobile x-ray equipment that allow patients to avoid office visits and coordination of state-funded travel programs.

“The people here know me, and they take great care of me…all of me.”

Today, Henry walks with a cane. He attends the Rogerson Roslindale Adult Day Health Program three days a week where he continues the supervised exercise of Rogerson Fitness First, which he began when he arrived in a wheelchair. He receives excellent preventative healthcare that allows him to live independently and travel back south to visit family. By using the Adult Day Health Program’s services, Henry saves the Commonwealth of Massachusetts tens of thousands of dollars each year. More importantly, however, as Henry himself stated, “The people here know me, and they take great care of me — all of me. I can’t tell you how much it matters, they are my family, and I don’t have to be alone.”