Rogerson Receives Large Donation of Collected Artwork

Rogerson Communities received an incredible art donation at the end of 2015. The beautiful collection of works has been carefully distributed among Rogerson’s various affordable housing properties and programs. Adorning the common areas and community spaces of Rogerson’s buildings that house low-income elders, these beautiful works of art have already begun to bring new found joy to the many appreciative residents at these sites.

“I am thrilled by the recent installations of artwork at Peter Faneuil House. The community room and the common areas were recently renovated and the beautiful new artwork has really brought so much sophistication and elegance to the surroundings,” noted one of the residents.

The donor of the artwork, who has asked to remain anonymous, has provided a tremendous gift to Rogerson’s more than 1,800 elders and families. “I was both excited by the sheer generosity, and deeply touched by the significance of their donation, and the impact I understood it would have on the elders we serve. Rogerson maintains all of its properties with exceptional care for comfort, beauty, and cost efficiency – and to be able to bring original fine art from renowned artists truly makes our low-income housing uniquely outstanding,” noted Laurie Trilling, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Facilities at Rogerson Communities.

Rogerson has taken great care to protect this asset as well as to make it available for the pleasure of all who pass through our doors.